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The Best Colon Cleansing

Gastrointestinal disorders are commonly found in today’s society, and this is due in large part due to the fact that people consume a fair amount of so-called modern food devoid of nutrients necessary for healthy digestion. Also, their composition also was a wide range of toxic substances, dyes, artificial sweeteners and pesticides.Some simple dietary changes can significantly contribute to the improvement and even cure many disorders of the colon. Two simple ingredients make up the base of this simple staple. Ground flaxseed act like little scrubbers. They absorbs water and expand in the colon, giving your intestinal walls a little healthy scrub, pushing your stool through your intestines, helping move toxins out of the body. ¬†Kefir contains a slough of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that colonize in your gut. These are the bugs that work for you, helping you digest your food, synthesize vitamins, and most importantly fight off intruders like e-coli and parasites. Use 1-2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed with 1/3 of a cup of kefir. Mix this two ingredients and do this every morning for 21 days. Prepare a fresh portion. Use this colon cleanse to prevent the buildup of waste of toxins in your body.

The best colon cleanse

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