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Natural way of removing stretch marks

Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin which are streaks with either purple, red and pink color. They are caused by tearing of the dermis; and this may reduce over time but will not disappear completely. Stretch marks are as sinful as cellulite, as if the latter does not have to be fat to you face them. In fact, stretch marks occur when there is a weight fluctuation, especially when you gain weight suddenly. Of course there are other reasons that cause I came nesuferitelor white or pink, such as pregnancy. Although there is no complete cure for stretch marks, try simple home treatment, which greatly blurred appearance.

Effects: As you get stretch marks, the collagen is weakened and its normal production cycle is interrupted and damaged. Finally, this leads to fine scars under the top layer of the skin.

Treatment with whites and olive oil

This inexpensive treatment against stretch marks has amazing effects. After several weeks of use, you will notice that your skin is much smoother, and stretch marks if you barely notice anymore. It’s good to know that stretch marks occur when fibers of collagen andproteins of the DermIS are damaged by sudden stretching of the skin. Therefore, you need to restore this problem, and the egg whites is excellent in this respect because it is rich in proteins and amino acids. For this treatment you need:

2 egg whites beaten stiff foam

half cup olive oil

After your delicate skin exfoliezi with stretch marks, stretch it and let the whites on it to act until it dries. Rinse whites and moisturizesyour skin with olive oil.

Natural way of removing stretch marks

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