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How to Get Rid of Cellulite using Cinnamon

Cellulite is an aesthetic problem that affects about 90% of women, especially during puberty and adulthood. It is caused by changes in the circulatory and lymphatic systems which have resulted in the formation of nodules of fat that make the skin in the affected area to look left and potholed. Most medical specialists believe that cellulite is an unavoidable problem for women due to hormonal changes frequently faced throughout life.Show More

Every woman wants to look good, but sometimes cellulite proves to be a threat to beauty. They have found other causes of cellulite, including: An unhealthy diet, high in saturated fat, trans fat, sugar and other refined foods. A sedentary lifestyle. Insufficient intake of water. Try packs with honey and cinnamon to escape the unpleasant appearance of “orange peel” the skin. Honey contains a variety of vitamins conitrbuie into the skin and, thereby, to remove toxins and excess fluid from the body, and to reduce inflammation.Cinnamon, a powerful antioxidant increases blood circulation, having a stimulating and toning. Combined, these two ingredients have anti-cellulite effect and helps to get rid of fat around the waist and hips.

What you need:

2 tablespoons of honey

1 teaspoon cinnamon food

aluminum foil


Mix cinnamon honey composition is applied on less heated areas with ease. Wrap yourself with aluminum foil and then put on warm clothes to keep the thermal effect. Leave treatment to work for a few hours, then remove honey and cinnamon with warm water. Avoid exposing yourself to cold after this procedure!

Treating cellulite is a difficult process that requires effort and perseverance.

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