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Get rid of Toxins overnight

Detoxification should enter in our routine as routine vitamin cure. People wear the pads on their feet because this helps circulate blood and lymph into the torso, which can result in great things for your body. Detox or detoxification refers to the elimination of toxic substances from the body. We are exposed constantly to thousands of toxins and chemicals. Research has shown that our bodies can not always eliminate a variety of toxins and chemicals that are ingested daily. In this way, toxins will accumulate in our cells, blood, tissues, organs (colon, liver and brain) and remain there, stored for an indefinite period of time, which brings all sorts of health problems as time passes. Show More

Many people have bad circulation in their ankles, lower legs and feet, this is largely due to an inactive lifestyle but can also be the result of underlying diseases and health conditions. Here are the best ways to eliminate dangerous toxins from your body.

4 Methods to Get rid of Toxins

  • The simplest method of detoxifying the body through the soles of the feet is to massage with a dry brush, making circular movements. Dry brushing is a Russian technique, which remove dead skin, stimulates cell growth, improves the nervous system and lymphatic system clean.
  • Another method is to keep your feet in a basin of water in which you put a cup of salt bitter. The resulting solution stimulates perspiration and remove all toxins through the feet. Magnesium in Epsom salts is absorbed into the skin and aids circulation, while absorbing toxins through the skin.
  • Algae are also indicated in the treatment of detoxification. You can wrap your feet in wet algae or you can keep your feet in a basin with warm water and algae. Hot water will make you sweat, and the plants will absorb toxins from the body.
  • Soak two clean cloths in green tea and vinegar and apply them on the soles. Leave them overnight and in the morning, should be black cloth from toxins.

You will only have to make this treatment every 3 months because it makes wonders. This is the Chinese method of detoxifying the body.

Homemade Foot Detox Pads

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