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Get rid of dark circles quickly with this trick!

Cucumber juice is the miracle cure in this case. To benefit from the positive effect of this remedy, soak two cotton pads in cucumber juice, which you get after you peeled and squeezed the vegetable, and then put them on your eyes and let it act for 15 minutes. Cucumber …

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Mask from clay and spirulina

Clay is widely used in cosmetic treatments as well as in soaps, creams, scrubs. Its properties cleanse the skin and detoxify your body, helping it regenerate. Spirulina is another multipurpose ingredient being used both externally and internally. It is crammed with large amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins that help …

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DIY Cream For Wrinkles Around the Mouth

Wrinkles around the mouth appear not only because of age. Most of the times, are appearing in younger people simply because we do not prevent it. Exposure to sunlight for a long time can lead to wrinkles around the lips. Do not forget that rays destroy collagen and elastin. Other …

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DIY Natural Scrub for Face

By gentle exfoliating dead cells is eliminated from the skin. This way you can have a light skin, smooth and young. Fruit scrub exfoliation is to remove dry cells from the skin surface, restore tone and brightness thanks to enzymes, antioxidants and increased vitamin C content of fruit. How skin …

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Natural botox for wrinkles

Experts say that the mask based carrot juice is just as effective as treatment with Botox. Aging, a process as can be naturally present in modern society has become a key issue for both women and men. It is true that women are most affected both physically and emotionally by …

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